Brian Joubert / Conditions d’utilisation du forum

Forum users agree not to distribute or allow the dissemination of content (comments, links, information of any kind) and more generally any behavior involving non-compliance with the law, good manners and / or propriety .

By participating in this forum, users accept the authority of the Webmaster. However, the latter cannot be held responsible for comments made on the forum, but is obliged to do what is necessary if requested.

To imperatively respect:

– The messages cannot have a character which can disturb others (pornography, religion, politics, racism …).
– Be courteous and polite because this forum is a forum for exchange, which can be read by anyone.
– Write only messages directly related to the subject concerned.
– Please avoid creating several subjects without interest or relating to a subject already treated
– Do not post several times the same message.
– None of the subjects posted on this forum can be discriminatory, xenophobic, pedophile or abusive.
– Messages written in all CAPS, in “SMS” language are prohibited.
– Do not impersonate someone else

– Users registered for more than 100 days who have never posted a message on the forum can be deleted by the webmaster without notice.
– Messages older than 365 days are deleted so as not to clutter the forum.

This list is not exhaustive.