Brian Joubert – Livre : Brian Joubert, le feu sur la glace


Through numerous photos, often unpublished, sometimes intimate, and multiple testimonies from loved ones, this illustrated book lifts part of the veil that surrounds this reserved young man.

Atypical skater, extraordinary champion, Brian Joubert has become a legend in his sport by building a unique record. Daredevil, mad about speed, he hardly seemed predisposed to figure skating, which he nevertheless practiced since the age of four, cultivating a virile and powerful style which revolutionized his discipline.

Very attached to Poitiers, his hometown that he never wanted to leave, Brian Joubert won almost everything on ice rinks around the world. Six consecutive gold medals at the French championships between 2002 and 2009, a gold medal at the world championships in 2007 and three times European champion, Brian Joubert is determined to add victories to this exceptional prize list in the next games Winter Olympics, to be held in Vancouver in February. “The Olympics don’t haunt me but I think about it every day,” he says.

Extremely popular thanks to his performances, his extraordinary style and his ideal gender, the skater, who remains one of the favorite sportsmen of the French, is determined to continue his ascent.

The authors: Brian JOUBERT, Loïc LEJAY

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The French hope of figure skating. Since 2002, this young man has been playing in the big leagues and stands out on the international ice: World, European, French and Olympic championships are only the competitions in which he participated during his first year among seniors !

With the words of his generation, he tells of his young career, from his childhood in Poitiers and his beginnings at the age of four, to the Olympiads in Turin, including national and international competitions. In all honesty and simplicity, he evokes his family, his coaches, his opponents and his friends. Her hopes and disappointments. He who proclaims his rage to conquer, to win, to be the first, also shares with us his doubts, his hesitations and his flashes. Far from taking a distant look at his journey, he takes the reader into the heat of the action.

An express biography, marked by the sacred fire of this young prodigy, which will delight his fans and all lovers of figure skating!

The authors: Brian JOUBERT, Loïc LEJAY, Céline Longuèvre