Brian Joubert / CM 2014 24-30 mars 2014 à Saitama , Japon

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Provisional Program
Mar. 26 (Wed) 11: 00- Pairs (SP)
14: 45- Opening on Ice
15: 35- Men (SP )

Tue 27 (Thu) 11:30 – Pairs (FS)
2:45 – Victory Ceremony (Pairs)
3:35 – Ladies (SP)

Tue 28 (Fri) 11:30 – Ice Dance (SD)
17:00 – Men (FS)
21: 25- Victory Ceremony (Men)

Tue 29 (Sat) 12: 30- Ice Dance (FD)
16: 05- Victory Ceremony (Ice Dance)
17: 15- Ladies (FS)
21:25 – Victory Ceremony (Ladies)

Mar. 30 (Sun)
15: 00- Exhibition

Tourist info on Saitama:… en / saitama

Forecast announcement on TV broadcasting in France… very light ndar.shtml on Eurosport


# 2 28-01-2014 16:47
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan
Hello !

Another skating competition in Japan! I will end up believing that other countries smell like pâté. Japan here, Japan there. The Japanese are very strong in this discipline of agreement, but all the same.
Well, I have an idea: we just have to organize everything in Japan! The Grands Prix, the Grand Prix finals, and even the Master’s of Orléans and the European Championships (to take advantage of their insane infrastructures).
After all, the Paris-Dakar is no longer organized in Senegal and Miss Europe was elected in Lebanon in the early 2000s, not to mention the participation of Israel in Eurovision big_smile…

Everything is possible!


Quite Nelson!

# 3 15-02-2014 14:03
Re: CM 2014 24-30 mars 2014 à Saitama , Japon
Okay so, as the men’s category is the only one that really interests me, I start to prospect for these CMs.

The only one I’m sure he won’t be going to CM is Brian – and given his condition after free, well, that sounds better to me. he has already turned the page.

Takahashi, whom I feared to have seen for the last time, is well selected. Ditto with Abbott. They stop their careers afterwards.
Verner, I believe, is not going there.
Chan, I don’t think so either, but I’m not sure. After three world titles, not sure that he is motivated for a 4th after missing the Olympic title.

We will be able to cry again in front of Takahashi and Abbott big_smileI wish them both a medal, but it will be hard!
Hanyu should be world champion, except big mental backlash – which would be understandable. Ten is likely to stay on the podium.

Chafik will go, French side, normally with Florent but given the state of the latter, it is not certain. I hope he will motivate himself by thinking at least of the quotas for next year – and the fact that if he wants to continue, he must rebound immediately so that the judges say that he is not completely lost. If he does not go to CM, Ponsart is injured, and I believe that the others do not have the minimum …


# 4 15-02-2014 20:39
Anne Marie
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan
Brian is still the only French skater who can save something at the CM. Pity. Personally, I felt “before free” that he wanted to finish with a correctly executed program, by doing especially what he liked, the jumps, and by making a little bit of pirouettes and other elements on which he lost points.


# 5 01-03-2014 08:43
Anne Marie
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan

MEITE Mae-Berenice
Alternate: Lecavelier Laurine

AMODIO Florent
Besseghier Chafik (subject to control competition from HAGUE 5 to March 9) No substitute

PECHALAT Nathalie / BOURZAT Fabian
Papadakis Gabriella / CIZERON William
Replacements: Carron Pernelle / JONES Lloyd

JAMES Vanessa / CIPRES Morgan
POPOVA Daria / MASSOT Bruno (subject to control at the HAGUE competition from March 5 to 9) No replacement

note: the selection is out in dance, but the participation of Nathalie and Fabian is not yet decided:
facebook page: “The selection of the worlds is out. The federation and ourselves have not yet made a final decision, but we want to leave ourselves the choice …”

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# 6 03-03-2014 17:31
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan
what do you mean, “subject to patati patata control”? what’s this ? a two ball test from the federation?
nan, because sending skaters to the highest level is just “a little” trainer. To deprive Chafik of worlds for the 2nd time would be scandalous.
if it hurts somewhere, it’s something else, obviously.


# 7 YESTERDAY 07:48
Anne Marie
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan
Those of the Olympic medalists who will not go to the CM:
Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir, Patrick Chan, Yuna Kim… no- worlds /
Ditto the Hubble couple / Donohue because of injuries

that can interest Nathalie and Fabian. Small reshuffle of the free program would be wise, “or” possible

the list of participants:…
515 / MEN / TO
list of judges and technical controllers
http: //dev.figureskating.sportresult. co… 515 / MEN / TO

Patrick Chan however intends to continue, given his level and his young age he can still do an olympiad… ait / 446345 and so much the better, because there are many departures from former champions who have turned the page in Sochi.

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# 8 YESTERDAY 21:46
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan
Takahashi is forfeited sad


# 9 YESTERDAY 23:39
Anne Marie
Re: CM 2014 24-30 March 2014 in Saitama, Japan
Takahashi has chronic inflammation in the right knee due to an injury in the right knee and will need to rest for five to six weeks


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