Brian Joubert / Candeloro sur Florent et Brian

Candeloro on Florent and Brian… -Candeloro

interesting. I don’t really like Candéloro (already as a skater I preferred Millot …) but he says fair things, especially about the federation and his way of “pushing” his foals.
and while everyone knows that he doesn’t get along with Brian especially, he recognizes his own merits and qualities.
the other day, I saw an interview where Brian said he might be doing pro tours after Sochi, he was asked if he would be in Candéloro’s troop, he managed to answer “no” without that it seems rude. that he too is making progress in his way of speaking to the media.
and like what, said media still have a very limited vision of skating …


# 2 11-18-2012 12:52
Re: Candeloro on Florent and Brian
I had the same thought about the interview with Brian, more maturity and perspective, respect for others even if we do not get along with him.