Brian Joubert / interview avant Sheffield

interview before Sheffield
an interview before leaving for Sheffield.
Brian says that with Véronique, they worked the long program to adapt it, higher sequences of steps and pirouettes, and triple jumps in the second part of the program to catch the bonuses. Finally Brian no longer just says that he knows that Matrix is ​​not suitable for CoP but that he has worked hard to adapt it. Direct message to the judges, I guess! … Y = ice_news

I tell my debt to the BJDG where I went to get the info 🙂


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Re: interview before Sheffield
Thank you very much for the Lothi article! And for translation!

So then, if Brian has improved his step sequences, and if he passes his bonus jumps on the second part of the program, this matrix can be HUGE. Already at the French championship I was very pleasantly surprised by the transitions and the choreography in general, so the excitement is even stronger. But we will have to be very strong this year all the same with competition:

– Javier Fernandez, the favorite
– Plushi always overpriced by the judges
– Florent Amodio, the defending champion and rising value of our sport
– Thomas Verner my favorite since 2007 (this skater is just amazing)
– Russians and Czechs in general who can get out of quads anytime.

But why do I work on Saturdays? My god, but why I work …..

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Re: interview before Sheffield
I am waiting to see. I am looking forward.